Premium Domain Names, What Are They?

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Premium Domains

A Premium domain name is a domain with more value or is valued more by their owner, than a normal “fresh registration” domain name. Premium domain names are the kind of domains that stand out among the crowd. Domains with some appeal, whether it be in length, or because of the keywords it contains.

So, you’ve thought of a perfect business plan? You’ve nailed the name and you’re just searching for the perfect matching domain name. But there’s a problem! The domain name you want is not priced the same as others, the price is in the thousands! Or maybe it’s been registered already? This is not uncommon and if the price is > £20 – £30 it usually means you’re dealing with a premium domain name.

The high price will set you up for initial ownership of the premium domain name, or what is perceived as “lifetime ownership”. The domain will renew every year at the basic cost of the registrar you register it with, for example our UK domain names renew at £8.79 at the time the article was written.

Premium domain names are considered premium for many factors, including length, how brand-able they are likely to be, current search interest and popularity, whether they’re a single word dictionary name such as “”. Sellers will usually approach a marketplace specifically for domain names such as or DomainLore in the UK.

Not all domains with a premium price tag are set by independent sellers or owners, some of them are set directly by the registry who owns it such as .CLUB which is priced significantly higher for a fresh registration than even a .COM.

How Do I Buy A Premium Domain?

Buying a premium domain is usually quite simple, whether it’s approaching the buyer directly or via a marketplace, there are usually very clear instructions on how to do so. For example, Intel Digital premium domains have a landing page on them, specifically for instructing the potential buyer on how to arrange to buy it, and example of this would be

Once purchased you’re the owner of the domain name and nobody else on the internet can have or use that particular domain name, you’re free to do with it what you will under the terms of the domain name registries registration agreement. It will then renew each year at the standard cost for that registrar.

Why Buy A Premium Domain?

Stand Out Among The Crowd

For the same reason you’d buy a standard domain name, you want (or should want) your website to look and feel the best among your market. A shorter, sweeter, to the point domain name about what it is you do, can go a long way. For example, is ideal for a used car dealership in London. The domain name with the best keywords for your particular market can go a long way to establishing your website as the authority in your niche.

Catch Visitors Who Skip Search Engines

It’s no secret that Google has taken over the internet. If you want to find something, you’re likely to Google it. However, there’s still a large percentage of people who directly type in the address bar what they want to find, in hopes it will lead them to where they want to go. A premium domain such as will help capture visitors who may have otherwise bypassed your website.

Inspire Confidence is never going to receive as many genuinely interested customers as Right from the very beginning you want to inspire confidence and trust in your potential customers and visitors to your website, you don’t want to have people turning away because they feel your website is unprofessional. It’s all about first impressions.

Head on over to our homepage and find yourself that perfect domain name. Or contact us and we’ll see what we can do to find you the best domain and the one you’re looking for.



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