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DNS Hosting: What is it?

If you're confused about DNS Hosting, what it is, how much we charge for it and what it does to protect you on the internet – read on! 

If you have purchased premium domain names from us, you'll be charged a fee once per annum for the DNS services we provide you for those domain names. This is a separate charge from your renewal fee, not to be confused. For renewal prices, please refer to our domain name pricing. If you no longer host your domain names with us, DNS hosting fees won't apply as we will no longer be hosting your records on our DNS servers and thus, no charge will be due.

What is DNS?

DNS stands from Domain Name System. When you look at a domain name URL (ie. you're actually looking at an alias for an IP address. An IP address is an address that tells other computers on the internet where to look for something. Domain names were originally invented as an easier way to remember an IP address. For example, our website here at resolves to But if we went around advertising our services to customers at, I doubt we'd get any real visitors wanting to swing by and have a look. So think of domain names as nicknames for the IP address it resolves to.

But how do other computers know which IP address resolves to which domain name? That's where DNS comes in. DNS holds records across multiple servers and propagates throughout the internet. So when your browser hits for the first time, it looks up the domain on the DNS server and resolves it to our IP address at where our web server is based. Although a little bit more complicated than that, actually resolves to our web server homepage, but it will dig into the DNS and find out exactly where to look for to find the contents on, within milliseconds of you connecting.

What happens without DNS?

If you purchased a domain name from us and we didn't provide you with DNS, your domain name would simply not work. No computer on the internet trying to connect to your website URL, would know where to look for the IP behind it where your web server is located.

Is my DNS hosted with you?

If you have bought a domain from us and have not transferred it out to another provider or changed the nameserver records from the default, it is very likely you are still hosted with us. If you have a website hosted elsewhere but use a domain name purchased from us and have changed your nameservers, it's likely you do not host DNS with us.

How can I check where my DNS is hosted?

You can easily check where your DNS services are hosted and which nameservers your domains are using by running a WHOIS check on your domains. All UK domains (.uk,,, etc.) run on Nominet's registry, the governing body of UK domains. To run a WHOIS check on UK domains please visit this link and enter your domain name in the box.

You'll be presented with information about the domain registrar, current registrant information and at the very bottom you will find a section for nameservers. If the nameservers on your WHOIS data correspond with our own nameservers as shown in the image below, your DNS is hosted with us.

For .COM or international domain names please run WHOIS data with ICANN at this link following the same principle.

How much is standalone DNS hosting with you?

If you haven't purchased a premium domain name from us, and are looking for standalone DNS services, our DNS hosting starts from £9.99 per month. Please see your client area for more information or to order DNS hosting addons.