Domain Services

Our range of domain services cover everything from DNS hosting and redirection. To full registration of new, premium and company domain names. Brand protection is one of our specialities.

Accredited Nominet Partner

We are specialists in UK domain names. We can provide a wide range of domain services to our UK clients.

  • Brand Protection Registrations
  • New Registrations
  • Premium Domain Registrations
  • DNS Hosting & Management
  • Domain Redirection
  • Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio Sales

If you're looking for more information on premium domain names, take a look at our in-depth article that goes into a little bit more detail here.

So, what's a domain name again?

If you're still not quite sure what a domain name is, you're probably a little bit lost on this page. The below image should help you get your head around a few things.

http (Hyperlink Text Transfer Protocol) is now being phased out by many web browsers in favour of the more secure https. For more information on how to secure your website, head over and have a read up about SSL certificates here.