Looking to earn some extra money? We're currently hiring remote telesales agents across the UK.

Intel Digital have a commission-based, self-employed opportunity for driven, ambitious, money-orientated people looking to work from the comfort of, well, anywhere! As long as you have an iOS or Android device, Wi-Fi and a computer or laptop –– you can sign up for this opportunity.

Intel Digital are looking to recruit telesales agents at remote locations around the UK, it doesn't matter if you haven't got any telesales experience. All we're looking for are the following qualities:

  • Professional, courteous and friendly telephone manner
  • Driven by success, self-motivated and can hold themselves accountable
  • Disciplined attitude toward earning money
  • Able to commit to their role

You'll be representing Intel Digital, so let's talk about who we are. Intel Digital are a web based internet services agency, we provide everything a business would need online. From domain names to web hosting and server infrastructure to social media marketing and pay-per click advertising. Your job as a telesales agent working remotely for Intel Digital, will be to generate new leads and sell our products.

You'll be given access to training materials, a business hub and Customer Relationship Management tools where you will log each new customer you bring on board. If you successfully onboard a customer with a sale (and you will), you'll earn a percentage of that sale. You'll need to be registered as self-employed, so you'll have to account for your own taxes, but don't fret! We'll have our accountants give you a call to set you up, if and when you need to.

There's plenty of room for growth. Our best agents who earn the most revenue for the company, will be hand picked to join Intel Digital as full-time, salaried employees with “boots on the ground” when we launch our first physical sales offices. You'll have access to a network of help and support and a wealth of other benefits. Sometimes you may be required to travel to training days and meetings, but we'll let you know when and where –– if travelling is not possible, we'll hook you up to our video chat and you can be there virtually! Work whenever it suits you, as long as you're committed and can reach the targets we set for you, you'll be free to spend your time however you want. Be prepared to be contacted via video chat and interviews may be conducted via phone and video chat through the induction phase.

Release yourself from the weight of a 9-5 job the pays and pave your own future with financial independence. People in the following categories need not apply:

  • Those who settle for what they have
  • Those who think this is a stop gap between jobs
  • Those who won't put the work in to get the results

If the following sounds like you, we can't wait to hear from you:

  • Self-motivated, self-driven people with a passion for personal success
  • People who want to change the world and genuinely improve the lives of other people
  • Ambitious, determined people who want to change their lives for the better

Life beat you down? Lost your job? Hate your job? Love money? Love freedom? Apply now and break free from the shackles of restraint. If it turns out it's not for you, we understand. There's not contract to sign until after your trial period and even then, we don't tell you when you can and can't leave. We're looking for people who enjoy this role and want to work if, if it's not for you – we understand.